Hero Section

Bot Nemesis Blocks Any Bots, IP’s or Countries

You Don’t Want To Have Access To Your Website



  • Hide Your PBN’s & Sites From Your Competition

    You Want To See What Your Competition Is Doing, Not Let Them See What You’re Doing
  • Block Any Bots and IP’s You Like From Crawling Your Site

    Block Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs etc.
  • Block Any Countries You Like

    Tired Of Having The Same Country Trying To Hack Your Site? Block The Whole Country!
  • Automatic Updating - That’s Right! The FIRST Bot Blocker That Updates The List of Bots and IP’s Automatically

    In The Background Bot Nemesis Will Update New Bots and IP’s As They Come Out. You Never Have To Manually Put In Another Bot Yourself.


Q:   What Does Bot Nemesis Cost?
Nothing. It's free! Just put in your email and boom it's yours.
Q:   How Do I Set It Up?
Install the plugin as you would any other Wordpress plugin and that's it. You don't need to do any settings, or anything else. The plugin also auto updates the bot list on it's own so as new bots come out, you don't have to go in and manually add them.
Q:   What's The Catch?
Nothing at all. It's 100% truly free. Go enjoy and stop being a pessimist :D



Arnold Schwarzenegger

Normally I destroy everything I touch. Then Bot Nemesis blocked me. Touché Dan and Gregory, Touché

Chuck Norris

In addition to being two good looking sons of bitches, Gregory and Dan knocked it out of the park with this software.

Mark Wahlberg

I may have played Batman, but Gregory and Dan are the true heroes for creating Bot Nemesis.

Ben Affleck

I’ve been around a lot of smart people in my career. None of them could make a plugin that blocks bots like Bot Nemesis does. Dan and Gregory, you’re my role models.

Tom Cruise

If Tony Stark was real he would’ve programmed a bot blocker just like this one. Unfortunately he’s not, so Dan and Gregory had to.

Robert Downey Jr.